Video: Teacher Professional Identity Workshop, June 2023

Video: Teacher Professional Identity Workshop, June 2023

In June 2023 the first Teacher Professional Identity workshop took place in Battambang, Cambodia. This evidence-based workshop was designed and delivered by the PIKT partners; SeeBeyondBorders, the Ministry of Education in Cambodia, Phnom Penh Teacher Education College and National College of Ireland.

Professor Leo Casey and Dr Seng Set presenting one another with traditional Cambodian Kramas at the Teacher Professional Identity workshop. 

  • In this video you will see a number of Cambodian teachers and the PIKT partners reflecting upon the Teacher Professional Identity workshop.
  • The workshop focused on promoting good classroom culture and developing effective teacher instruction.
  • The goal was to encourage the teachers to embrace and implement the workshop ideas into their actual classroom practices.
  • This workshop is the first of two evidence-based Teacher Professional Identity workshops.


TPI workshop

PIKT Partners and 25 participant teachers from schools in Battambang gathered for the Teacher Professional Identity workshop.

Throughout the Teacher Professional Identity workshop the 25 participant teachers were encouraged to examine their own perceptions of learning, teaching and paths to improvement. During this workshop each participant teacher committed to specific practice improvements and reflections in the months ahead.
PIKT partners

Dr Set Seng, Professor Leo Casey, Dr Bo Chan Koulika, and Colm Byrne at the workshop. 

The Professional Identity for Khmer Teachers (PIKT) research project looks to answer the question ‘What makes a good teacher?’ – The challenge of enhancing teacher professional identity and capability in Cambodian schools. It focuses on the tasks of building teacher professional identity: how teachers see themselves and how this may change over time. The PIKT project is a unique opportunity for Cambodian education and for collaboration between major educational institutions in Cambodia and Ireland.

Find out more by watching the PIKT Professional Identity Workshop video.

Alternatively, read the PIKT Professional Identity workshop video transcript.

This project is funded by the Irish Research Council.

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