PIKT Teacher Professional Identity workshop video transcript

PIKT Teacher Professional Identity workshop video transcript


[Slide 1] Workshop: Teacher Professional Identity (TPI)

Speaker 1: Roeum Vannak Grade 1 Teacher  [speaking in the Khmer language]

I am delighted to be a part of this PIKT workshop as it helps us as teachers understand our roles and professional identity.

Speaker 2: Ly My Bunn, Communication and Project Assistant Intern, SeeBeyondBoarders 

Hello, my name is  Ly Mey Bunn from SeeBeyondBoarders here in Cambodia. We recently provided a Teacher Professional Identity workshop in Battambang as part of the PIKT research project. The purpose of this workshop is to gain insights into the teacher’s perspective on creating a good learning environment. In essence, there are two key points, promoting good classroom culture and effective instruction. This workshop was done with the PIKT partners. They are the Ministry of Education, the Phnom Penh Teacher Education College, the National College of Ireland, and SeeBeyondBorders. This project is funded by the Irish Research Council and the Irish Aid. Now let’s listen to reflections from teachers and others.

Speaker 3: Dr. Leo Casey, Director of the Center for Education and Lifelong Learning at National College of Ireland

So with teacher professional development, there is an idea called the knowledge practice gap. And that is that, it’s all very well for teachers to attend events such as this and to be introduced to new ideas. But it’s really not going to help unless the teachers implement those ideas in practice.

[Slide 2] What are the next steps for the PIKT project?

Speaker 4: Dr. Set Seng, Director Phnom Penn Education College [speaking in the Khmer language]

The PIKT Team will investigate the performance and progress of teachers who have participated in today’s workshop. Our goal is to ensure that their commitment and promises made during the workshop are not only verbal but translated into actual practices. After gathering evidence, we will organise another workshop with the aim of creating a model for the professional identity of teachers in Cambodia. This model will serve as a guide for enhancing professional development nationwide.

[Slide 3] How do you find this partnership and collaboration? 

Speaker 5: Dr Bo Chan Koulika, Director of the Department of Policy, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport [speaking in the Khmer language]

Our relationship throughout the research project has been positive. We have shared valuable knowledge and experiences, and we are committed to continuing our collaboration even after the completion of the PIKT Project.

[Slide 4] How do you feel about today’s workshop? 

Speaker 6: Vot Kamol, Grade 1 Teacher [speaking in the Khmer language]

This workshop helps ensure the effectiveness of our teaching. I have identified two key areas including fostering good classroom culture and using effective teaching methods. Additionally, I gained valuable knowledge from fellow teachers who participated in this workshop. I am committed to implementing these methods to enhance the effectiveness of my own teaching and learning.


This project is funded by the Irish Research Council.

Irish Research Council