Conference: PIKT workshop at CARN 2022

Conference: PIKT workshop at CARN 2022

In October 2022 an overview of the Professional Identity for Khmer Teachers (PIKT) project was presented at the CARN Action Research Network Conference.

CARN conference slide deck

What Makes a Good Teacher? The Challenge of Building Teacher Professional Identity in Cambodian Schools.

  • The workshop firstly gave a brief overview of Education in Cambodia.
  • The scale of the education problems were outlined, including the education levels of teachers and the outcomes for children.
  • The PIKT research project goals were shared: We will investigate how teachers in Cambodia, specifically Battambang province, can be enabled to improve their teaching practice and engage in a path of professional development.
  • PIKT collaborating partners were introduced.
  • Theoretical components of Teacher Identity were touched upon.
  • And finally, the design based research approach was outlined.

Pov & Leo

Professor Leo Casey, alongside Pov Pheung, and Sreyphet Phan (online) delivering the PIKT workshop at the CARN Conference 2022.

The PIKT project will provide a unique opportunity for Cambodian education and for collaboration between major educational institutions in Cambodia and Ireland. It is funded through the Irish Research Council in partnership with Irish Aid under the Collaborative Alliances for Societal Challenges (COALESCE) programme.

Read more about the PIKT project’s research approach.

Read more about PIKT’s collaborating partners.

This project is funded by the Irish Research Council.

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