PIKT project video transcript

PIKT project video transcript

[Speaker 1 Sreyphet Phan: Field Research Supervisor, SeeBeyondBorders]

The picture of Cambodian education is changing. PIKT is an innovative new research project funded through the Irish Research Council in partnership with IrishAid. PIKT, or the Professional Identity for Khmer Teachers, is a collaboration between key educational organizations in Cambodia and Ireland. The National College of Ireland, the Department of Policy, Phnom Penh Teachers Education College, and SeeBeyondBorders will work together to conduct quality research in Cambodia, ultimately shaping the future of Cambodian education.

[Speaker 2 Dr Bo Chan Koulika, Director of the Department of Policy, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport]

I am Bo Chankoulika. I am the director of the Policy Department. I believe that the findings from this research will inform the policy on the teacher development in Cambodia. Through partnership we help each other. In Cambodia we have something to give you, and we also believe you have something to give us. To deliver better education for the children in Cambodia.

[Speaker 3: Dr. Leo Casey, Director of the Center for Education and Lifelong Learning at National College of Ireland]

My name is Leo Casey. I’m the Director of the Centre for Education and Lifelong Learning at National College of Ireland. International tables such as PISA studies indicate the big challenge that Cambodian education is faced with. There is a real need to improve the education outcomes for children in Cambodia. But at the same time, it’s a very solvable problem and I think that’s a really important message to understand that by focusing on teachers, by improving the performance of teachers, by surrounding teachers with a support structure, and even with mentors, and even with international collaborators, that the role of the teacher is redefined, so to speak.

[Speaker 4 Pov Pheung: Leadership Team & mentor, SeeBeyondBorders]

This joint research initiative is really important. Together we will explore what makes a teachers’ identity, which I believe is really important knowledge to understand how to support a teachers’ long life learning journey. And in turn, will improve the quality of teaching for the Cambodian children.

[Speaker 4: Dr. Sam Chanphirun, Deputy Director of Phnom Penh Teacher Education College]

My name is Sam Chanphirun. I’m the Deputy Director of Phnom Penh Teacher Education College. I think collaboration is very important for the improvement the quality of teacher education at Phnom Penh Teacher Education College. Research is also the second core mission of the Phnom Penh Teacher Education College. As a teacher educator, research is really important for professional development. It is important to have a research collaboration between Cambodia and Ireland, Ireland will learn from Cambodia and we will also learn from Ireland, and that is how to improve the quality of education. Thank you very much.

[Speaker 1 Sreyphet Phan: Field Research Supervisor, SeeBeyondBorders]

Overall, this project aims to:

  • Establish a Framework for Teacher Professional Identity
  • Develop methodology for investigating teaching practice in Cambodian schools
  • Design an evidence-based Teacher Professional Identity module

Together, PIKT can help paint a new picture for Cambodian education.

This project is funded by the Irish Research Council.

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