Phnom Penh Teacher Education College (PTEC)

Phnom Penh Teacher Education College (PTEC)


Phnom Penh Teacher Education College (PTEC) has been established since 2017. It is envisioned to become the leading institution of teacher education in the twenty-first century.

In order to realize the vision, PTEC has identified three core missions: (1) to educate and develop student teachers with full competency; (2) to promote educational research to improve the quality of education, particularly teaching and learning; and (3) to provide social services to contribute to in- service teacher development. PTEC currently provides pre-service teacher education programs at Bachelor’s degree level (Primary and Lower Secondary Teacher Education Programs) for student teachers based on the 12+4 formula (12 years of general education and 4 years of higher education), in which each student teacher is required to conduct their teaching practicum at PTEC attached schools and cooperating schools each year. This aims to enable them to become highly competent primary to produce primary and lower secondary school teachers respectively upon their graduation. PTEC also offers in-service teacher training programs to teacher trainers and school teachers for their qualification upgrading and continuous professional development. Notably, PTEC has been officially recognized as an accredited continuous professional development (CPD) provider in Cambodia. Moreover, PTEC aims to promote research culture in order to ensure quality teacher education and disseminate research findings through publications in PTEC education research series and beyond, and through presentations in a national and international conference. Importantly, PTEC has been working closely with other local and international higher education institutions in order to strengthen the quality of education.

This project is funded by the Irish Research Council.

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