The Department of Policy

The Department of Policy

The Department of Policy (DoPo) is legally mandated to carry out the research to inform education policy formulation (Sub Decree No.156 issued by the Prime Minister of Cambodia). DoPo is supervised technically by the Education Research Council, MoEYS’s Think Tank, whose role is to inform strategic and policy direction through research and whose members are researchers from public universities, freelance researchers and MoEYS policy makers.

DoPo is tasked to build evidence through research and analysis for policy formulation, evaluation and review mainly in the education sector. DoPo produces concept notes, strategic papers, policy reviews to advise other frontline departments on their policy directions and supports through innovative and contextual research. DoPo has been staffed with 30 young professionals holding doctoral and master degrees graduated mainly from abroad with good command of English and ICT skills. Most of them in their 20s and 30s years of age. They were mainly recent graduates from overseas universities. Their backgrounds even though in the fields of education but having limited knowledge and skills on research, policy development, policy analysis and analytical report writing per mandate of DoPo. These areas of capacity building are required for improved performance of DoPo to provide research- based policy recommendations and implications.

This project is funded by the Irish Research Council.

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