Dr Sovichea Lay

Dr Sovichea Lay

Sovichea Lay

After successfully completing a master’s degree in Crop Science and a Doctorate in Philosophy in Food Science from Zhejiang University in 2016, I current work in the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport. My position is Chief of Research and Policy Analysis in the Department of Policy. This role entails assisting the ministry to build the evidence-based policy formulation. Although research can be a challenging task, time consuming and laborious, it has great importance really. I believe no country or entity on earth can develop smoothly and soundly without a research-backed team. Thus, I am so happy with my job as a researcher. During my free time, I like practicing Taijiquan (Tai chi) martial art for a healthy lifestyle. Dr Sovichea is a collaborating researcher and an advisory board member for the PIKT project. 

This project is funded by the Irish Research Council.

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